How do I get rid of wrinkles on my eyes?
05.11.2020 | pyndelala | Skincare, Eye Skincare


25-year-old appears eye corner wrinkles, to timely maintenance of the skin around the eye, do a good job of eye skin hydration care, the use of anti-wrinkle effect of eye care products, and massage use to promote absorption, secondary regular heat can also promote the eye skin blood circulation, improve wrinkle


A trick to remove eyes wrinkles


1, the eye to rehydrate; eliminate the wrinkles in the corners of the eye can not be separated from the eye to rehydrate, rehydrate there are many ways, one of which is the eye mask, to choose the eye membrane with the effect of de-wrinkled wate


2, eye massage to wrinkle, moderate massage can relieve eye pressure, improve eye fatigue, so that the eye skin to rest.First, gently apply the hand to the heat, then gently press your middle finger on the eyeball and gently massage along the contours of the hemisphere.Keep your eyes closed for a few minutes when you're tired.


3, the eye hot apply to wrinkle, hot application method can promote the eye skin blood circulation, so that the eye skin to regain moisture and delicate.Note that the water temperature should not be too high, first put a clean towel into warm water, screw the water, and then put the towel around the eyes hot, so that you can smooth the wrinkles around the eyes, soothe the eyes.