How do you treat inflamed acne?
05.04.2020 | pyndelala | Spring Skincare, Skincare

Acne is a very disturbing thing, it is not like a spot, pores thick, a little bit of concealing can not see, and red and swollen pox can not hide not to say, but also very affect our mood, let people's inferiority index to rise.Many people stumble on the truth of acne and have not found the right way.

In fact, whether it is to stay up late, eat spicy greasy food, or pillows are not clean, there must be the following 3 reasons for "assistance", will grow red and swollen acne.

Cause 1: Oil more

We have a secondary organ in the pores called sebum glands, it is specialized in the secretion of fat organs, when the sebum glands secrete too much oil, it is easy to block the hair follicles, which is one of the conditions of long redness and acne.

Cause 2:Thick

With the metabolism of the skin, our skin produces discarded horns every day, some of which come off naturally, and some that cannot come off naturally and accumulate on the skin.Abnormal skin metabolism, or long-term do not clean up these waste horns, it will block the pores, resulting in the pores in the dirty things, grease can not be discharged.

Cause 3:Bacteria

Inevitably there will be some bacteria in the pores, the number is very small, when the oil displacement is normal, pores are smooth, these bacteria are safe in the pores.When the oil secretion is strong, pore blocked, bacteria will be in such an environment to multiply a large number of pores, causing pores inflammation, the growth of red swollen acne.


First of all, you must keep your face clean, acne areas be careful, not too strong.Use the milk to choose mildly as much as possible.The tints and the T-word area of the face should be washed clean.

Then remember, acne do not dig, do not squeeze, do not wash hard, must be gentle treatment, to avoid inflammation.

If you can, stop using cosmetics, cosmetics are more stimulating.Shrinking water and toner is not used, will stimulate the epidermis, more worsenthe inflamed skin, but also will intensify the secretion of sebum glands, making the situation worse.

If you want to use skin care products, then choose some water, oil control skin care products.Because acne is mainly due to the fat problem of the follicles.And choose mild, non-irritating skin care products.Reduce irritation to inflamed skin

If you want to work or pay, afraid of affecting the image, must be makeup, you can wipe a small amount of foundation, can conceal, but no matter lipstick or foundation, should avoid oil-soluble products, so as not to worsen acne.

Go out also pay attention to sun protection, UV protection, otherwise will make acne worse inflammation.

Pay attention to diet, this is very important, do not eat greasy, red burning, deep-fried, spicy things, as light as possible diet, to prevent the fire caused by inflammation intensified.

Keep the mood happy, because the mood is stressful and bored, easy to increase the secretion of fat.As the saying goes: a smile is less than ten years.That makes sense!

Finally, to ensure sleep, a lot of acne is caused by endocrine disorders.Want to adjust, we must ensure that the body metabolism is normal, try to sleep around ten o'clock in the evening, early to bed and early to get up, drink plenty of water.