How To Avoid Skin Problems From Wearing A Face Mask
04.02.2020 | pyndelala | Skincare, coronavirus

Many people do not want to wear disposable medical masks, the reason is that they are afraid of long "mask pox"? analyzes the following:


Long-term wearing inbreathable mask, so that we are breathing when the droplets in the mouth to form a local hot and humid environment, resulting in dust in the air, bacteria more easily adhereto the mask.

Mask model, and even some materials (non-woven fabric will cause some people skin allergies, redness) is not suitable for themselves, so tight, squeeze to the skin, friction with the skin, causing friction acne.


How can you solve this problem?

If circumstances permit, it is recommended to select the right mask, the tightness of the strap is adjusted, in accordance with the shape of the face is very important.

It is recommended to use hydrocolloid dressing to stick to the vulnerable area, to prevent skin damage, if you can not find the corresponding product, the use of B5 paste such products can be applied in the local is also possible.


Keep a good attitude, pay attention to diet, labor combination.

For the average person, acne acne is a multi-factorcause of the disease, its incidence is mainly related to the body sex hormone level, sebum gland secretion, hair follicles sebum catheterize the horning abnormality and inflammation.We just have to stay at home, there is no need to wear masks 24 hours a day, especially the health care workers more suitable for the N95, ordinary people with disposable medical-grade masks.


In fact, wearing a mask will be part of the lock out of the water, play the effect of moist skin, as long as the thin skin care does not wipe too greasy products, in theory the skin is not too big a problem.And go out wearing a mask to avoid ultraviolet radiation, think about whether it is a summer when there are many people wearing masks?


But it has to be said that long-term local oppression does cause some damage to the skin.For example, professional medical equipment, many lovely nurses a take off the face of the protective gear, all kinds of indentations, trauma abounds.


It is important to use some moisturizing products at this time, such as  hyaluronic acid serum.