How to Minimize Your Pores? Moisturizing is the key point.
04.28.2020 | pyndelala | Skincare, Spring Skincare, How to Use

A lot of people have pores thick skin problems, such skin looks ugly, so can we repair these large pores? Do you want to know how to fix it? Let's take a look!



Many people's skin has a large pores this problem, pores large to our face value has brought irreversible damage, then pores large can not be repaired? How can we fix it? Today, let's talk about this issue.


In fact, the pores are large it is divided into two kinds, one is true pore thick, one is false pore thick.True pores are large, it can not be repaired, but with the age of more and more obvious, more and more serious.And the false pores are large, it can be repaired, as long as we do the corresponding maintenance work for the skin, we can improve it very well.


So how do you tell the difference between a real pore or a false pore? Focus on shapes.True pores take shape in the shape of a droplet, and even if we apply some mask to the skin, its size will not change, and the fake pores are large and large after we apply some convergent water or mask, it can be very effective in shrinking.


Although the real pore is large it cannot be repaired, but if you do nothing, it will only get worse, so we need to take steps to slow it down.And the false pores large, we should take timely measures to prevent it from continuing to grow larger, repair it, then how to repair?


That is, we want to do a good moisturizing work for the skin, every time after washing the face to apply some toner toner to our skin in time, or to use some skin care water that helps us to reduce pores to our faces.


Our pores will be large, because we have too much oil secretion on the face, only for our skin to add more water can effectively inhibit the oil secretion too much of this condition, so to repair the pores large, must be replenished.