How to use Pyndela Eye Mask
04.14.2020 | pyndelala | Skincare, Eye Skincare, How to Use

1. How many pieces is this gold eye mask?

This pyndela gold eye mask is covered in 30 pieces, 15 pairs, about a month's dosage.


2. How to use this pyndela eye masks?

· According to the condition of the skin around the eye, use the eye mask 1 to 2 times a week.

· Before the eye mask needs to thoroughly clean the skin, skin residues of makeup, dirt may affect the effect of the eye mask, so be sure to use eye makeup remover to thoroughly clean the skin around the eye.

· Before applying the eye mask, first use a hot towel to apply the eyes, and then take out the eye mask from the refrigerator to apply, so that you can speed up the blood circulation of the eyes.

· After applying the eye mask to use eye cream, so that the eye skin can be better moisturized, so that the effect to maintain.Eye film to be attached in place, apply, to press by hand, in order to more with the skin.


3. How long does this eye mask need to be applied?

It'll take about 20 minutes. Of course. Some pro-absorption is relatively slow, paste 30 minutes can also ok.


4. How long does it work?

We recommend pro insist on using for a month, the frequency is generally used every day, but there are also used buyers said to use a piece after the effect can be seen.

Of course, the specific effect is still different from person to person.Some are very short time out of the effect. Some need to insist on using a period of time to see the obvious effect.


5.Is it necessary to wash face after using the eye mask?

After this eye mask is applied, you can not wash your face.