How To Use Vitamin C-Pro Brightening Serum
01.11.2020 | pyndelala | How to Use, Skincare

In the summer, girls who want to turn white must have a Vitamin C-Pro Brightening Serum at home. There are various brands in the market. Due to the different brands, the Vitamin-C serum used will be different, and it is easy to fail to use the correct brighteninging method because of not using the method Effect, do you know how to use whitening serum? Let’s take a look together.


1.Apply Twice Before and After Applying Mask

Before applying the mask, it is first that you rub Vitamin-C serum.


2.Press to Promote Skin Absorption

Squeeze a bit on your hand. Use the temperature of the palm to warm up the Vitamin-C resum. Then pat and press on the face, so that the ingredients of the sesum can be quickly absorbed by the skin.


3. Combination of Vitamin-C serum and Blemish Serum

In summer, the ultraviolet rays are strong.Some girls are exposed to the sun for a long time. They are easy to get sunburn on their faces. At this time, they can use Vitamin-C serum with blemish serum. Not only does the brightening effect play well, but also the speckle removal effect is not spared.


4. Adjust the Use According to the Physiological Cycle

The time for strong whitening effect is one week after the menstrual period. Too much estrogen is secreted, which can drain the body's garbage, and the skin condition is very good. The vitamin C serum can allow the skin to absorb moisture and nutrients. You can observe it during this period and your skin will take on a brand new state.


5. Use it Better at nigth

The VC ingredients contained in Vitamin C serum generally work at night. This substances cannot see light and pass through the sun. Otherwise, the brightening effect will not be achieved.