How to Wear a Face Mask to Reduce skin problems
03.31.2020 | pyndelala | coronavirus, Skincare

Long-term wearing a disposable surgical mask has brought some minor problems: sultry, poor breathing, skin compression, acne, skin redness and itching.Recently, it is the spring skin sensitive high season, in the face of a variety of skin problems, how to do?

Don't worry. summarizes some of the recent skin problems, shareskin tips, help you stay away from the "mask face" and remove the mask or the beauty of the fairy.


What should I do if my skin is dry?

In the skin area of contact with the mask, the moisture produced by breathing can not be evaporated in time, the skin is moist state, like the mask for too long, resulting in local skin moisture loss, causing dry skin.

Recommendation: Wear a mask before and after the application of moisturizing products, to protect the skin barrier.


What should I do with the redness and itching of the skin?

Take off the mask to find redness and swelling of the face skin, even itching, blisters and so on, what happened? This is because the mask compresses the local skin, and some people are allergic to certain components of the mask, which causes contact dermatitis.

Recommendation: Replace masks of other materials, or add a soft cotton cloth inside the mask to avoid direct contact between the skin and the inside of the mask.If the rash is lighter after 3-5 days of discontinuation after self-improvement, if the rash is heavier can be oral antihistamines, external glucocorticoid ointment, etc. , if it has not improved or continue to deteriorate, please go to the dermatology department, please consult a specialist guidance.


What should i do if the skin has indentation and break?

Under the pressure of the rubber belt mask tightly buckled in the face, but day after day the compression of the same area of local skin, especially in the nose, shin, ear and other subcutaneous adipose tissue is not rich in the area, it is prone to skin redness and break.

Recommendations: wearing loose and suitable protective equipment, every 2-3 hours to change the position of the mouth week wearing, mild indentation does not need treatment, local bruising, subcutaneous bleeding or skin break, decay, can be used in the outer hundred bang, fusic acid, etc.