Skin Aging Level Around The Eyes
02.11.2020 | pyndelala | Skincare, Eye Skincare

A pair of smart eyes is a symbol of a woman's youthful vitality.

After days with the eyes, we find our eyes dry, swollen, not only vision is not as good as before, eyes also lost the bright and bright.


Let's take a look at the skin aging level around the eyes.


Level 1: Smile appearance

Slight fishtail pattern, as long as the face does not make an expression can not see the pattern, only when the smile will be found!


Level 2: Do not laugh also have small fine lines

Fishtail pattern formal appearance, from dynamic pattern into static pattern, even if do not make any expression, eye tail still have small fine lines!


Level 3: do not laugh, fishtail pattern deep

Fishtail pattern gradually serious, do not laugh, no expression when the fish tail pattern is also very deep, concealer also take it no way!


Level 4: The eye corner out of the trident

Not only is the deep fishtail, the end of the pattern and with a number of forks, even if the distant can be detected!"