Spring Skin Care Process: Night Skin Care Process
03.27.2020 | pyndelala | Skincare, Spring Skincare

Dry spring has arrived, the skin without attention to maintenance, minutes become rough and dim.Of course you are not a person, 8 out of 10 people have dry skin, especially the face, it is simply dry "heavy disaster area."With a lot of skin care products, drying problems have not alleviated, that means your skincare order is wrong.The wrong skin care order not only does nuns, but also causes waste.

Follow the skincare sequence below to make your skin more moisturizing and shiny!

Step1: Makeup Removal

In fact, this step is not everyone to use, if this day of makeup or coated with sunscreen, that the step of removing makeup must be carried out, if just early to wipe a little cream of the simple mushroom cool, can not be removed makeup.And when removing makeup, to seriously remove makeup, otherwise the pores hide dirt too much, smothering out a face of acne, do not say that they are sensitive acne muscle, wake up, you clearly is lazy, is makeup did not remove clean well.In addition here to tell you a simple selection criteria, oily skin selection remover liquid, dry skin makeup remover oil, sensitive love pox selection makeup remover / makeup remover, in short, all skin care products are to choose the right product according to their own skin state.


Step2: Cleansing

Aftering makeup, but also carefully wash the face, so that you can effectively avoid the makeup removal products left on the face, the main point of washing is: more foam, with ring finger ring massage, gentle, keep smiling, and wash the face for three minutes.After careful washing of the face, can obviously feel the face become refreshing a lot, very comfortable.


Step3: Toner

Wash face on the beat the water link, with toner is to allow the follow-up skin care products can be good absorption, but also to regulate the skin water oil state of an effective link


Step4: Eye cream

The effect of eye cream is mainly to dilute old lines and prevent new lines.The technique of applying eye cream is to use the ring finger to extract the eye cream gently from the lower eyelid from the inner to the bottom eyelid massage pull, or in the lower eyelid from the inside out, the point is to be gentle! Pulling!


Step5: Serum

Any serum is difficult to achieve in the short term, with the "smooth fine silent" this sentence to describe the essence is the most appropriate, with a few times without any obvious effect, insist on using suddenly one day will find themselves white acne less skin fine.


Step6: Masks

Generally speaking, night is the ""beauty prime time"" for the skin, because skin cells are more active, blood circulation is faster, collagen synthesis is stronger, and it is more conducive to absorbing the beauty ingredients in the mask.


Step7: Emulsion

When using emulsion, should follow where the driest place to apply where the order, apply with the strength of the abdomen, neither with the palm of the hand, nor with the fingertip.Because the strength of the abdomen is moderate and elastic, the skin feels most comfortable.


Step8: Face cream

This step fine mushroom cool will use morning and evening frost, morning frost, the texture is more refreshing is not easy to oil, evening frost, more moisturizing and moisturizing.