Spring skin care: you must know these 5 things, to help you get rid of allergic rash
03.21.2020 | pyndelala | Spring Skincare, coronavirus, Skincare

After spring comes, our skin will become sensitive and active because of changes in temperature and air, many people in the spring when allergic, red rash, are inseparable from this special time period in spring, spring temperature rebound, and plants grow, pollen and other small particles floating in the air, It's easy to make the skin state of your face worse, so you must pay attention to these 5 points for spring skincare!


1. Cleaning is very important

Because our face will be exposed to the air for reasons such as work or school, exposure to small particles and dust in the air, dust and other dirty things, especially now this special period, everyone goes out wearing a mask, the skin is in a sultry and humid environment, and will not be much better than exposure to the air, So go home must be timely cleaning, washing the face is the most important is the right warm water, the right face wash, gentle strength!


2. Proper exfoliating oily skin

Exfoliating work can be a little more frequent, and sensibility and sensitive muscle softened not frequent exfoliating, so the skin is not good, because the skin screen thin, so frequent exfoliator will only make the skin state is not good! And exfoliating products try not to use scrub paste, cleaning force is too strong will hurt the skin!


3. Hydration moisturizing work is very important

no matter what kind of skin, rehydration is to do all year round, like sun protection, but non-stop season our rehydration work, the use of products should be different, in terms of efficacy and use of feelings, winter climate dry, can use a little heavy products, Let our skin lock a layer of film to prevent water loss, and spring and summer temperature rebound, do not use too heavy products, so that will only let our skin smother out acne, you can choose a little water moisturizing suit!

Products like essence are very good, moisturizing serum, water rehydration effect is very good, and used in the face feel slick, cool, very clear, for the face of redness and instability has a very good stability effect! Toner and lotion are used on the face, and after one night the face is much better! The face is tender, water!


4. Repair focus on repair function

If it is sensitive muscle, in the case of wearing a mask often, we must pay attention to the face of the skin repair and stability, if the state is not stable, you can use the products of pharmaceutical makeup.To soothe the state of your face! You can also go to the doctor!


5. Pay attention to breathable

Wear disposable medical mask time can not be too long, otherwise will lead to skin acne and red blood wire, in the airy, breathable place can properly let their skin breathable, reduce the reproduction of bacteria! In the case of wearing a mask work with toner and lotion on it, the cream is thick, easy to become a breeding nutrient of bacteria, and friction with the mask will also be uncomfortable! Well, the article to see, we must have good skin care, take care of their own face Oh!