Spring skincare process: daytime skin care process
03.25.2020 | pyndelala | Spring Skincare, Skincare

Dry spring has arrived, the skin without attention to maintenance, minutes become rough and dim.Of course you are not a person, 8 out of 10 people have dry skin, especially the face, it is simply dry "heavy disaster area."With a lot of skin care products, drying problems have not alleviated, that means your skincare order is wrong.The wrong skin care order not only does nuns, but also causes waste.

Follow the skincare sequence below to make your skin more moisturizing and shiny!


Step1: Cleansing Cream

Pay attention to the dosage, try to use warm water;With cleansing foam is easier, directly press out the foam, clean a lot, but also relatively mild, suitable for winter


Step2: Toner

Toner is mainly used to relieve skin dryness, tonic for the skin, so when used should be full face, to ensure that not dry until."Prefer more, not less" is toner.Toner, must be used a small amount of time, normal 100 ml to 150 ml of toner use up to two months to achieve the desired effect Oh, the use of makeup cotton wipe effect is better! Are you right?


Step3: Eye cream

The eye is the most exposed woman's age killer, be sure to take good care of the eyes and give the best protective barrier.


Step4: Essence

Skin care step is the most important and most effective step, so that your whole package of skin care products effect faster absorption better, hydration, brightening, acne, anti-decay, serum you choose the right?


Step5: Emulsion

Emulsion helps you lock in the nutrients of the water and serum you just used, and never have to worry about dry skin.Permeation of the muscle base, from the bottom of the muscle to improve the state of the skin, in the skin to form a bright molecular protective film, so that the skin three-dimensional brightening.Don't miss your neck when applying!


Step6: Cream

Cream, like a coat, gives the best protection against skin, wind and sand and pollution.Improves the cleanness of the skin and presents a healthy white gloss from the inside out.Use daily cream during the day and evening cream before going to bed to give your skin 24 hours non-stop whitening care.Day cream and evening cream mix is not recommended, the day cream is more protective, and evening cream is more focused on repair function.When using creams, to avoid oiliness, apply a little, if the skin still feels dry, and then gradually increase the amount until it is appropriate.


Step7: Isolation

Isolation is the last step in skin care, especially friends who love to surf the Internet, it is the best product to prevent skin from being oxidized Oh! Protect against medium-long-wave UV rays, creating a strong barrier to skin protection.While isolating external contamination, facial spots and blemishes can be effectively modified.