Spring Skincare : Starts With A Bottle of Excellent Serum
03.18.2020 | pyndelala | Skincare, Spring Skincare

In the blink of an eye, it was spring again in uncertain weather. Presumably, many girls' skins began to become fragile again. It was uncomplicated to maintain skin care products. Of all the skin care products, the most worthwhile, of course, is the essen

Serum is a skin care lotion, which extracts rich and high-nutrient substances and concentrates the aforementioned substances through various processes. Most of them contain trace elements, collagen, and serum, and the main effects are also concentrated on various skin care needs with obvious efficacy, such as anti-aging, whitening, and dark spots. Therefore, in general, among all skin care products, the effective ingredients of the essence are the highest, and they are more targeted to various skin problems. They can achieve effective first aid to the skin in a short time. Skincare.


Therefore, it is natural to use essence skin care to combat the dry weather in spring. So what kind of essence should I choose for skin care?


☆ Be sure to use it after lotion: Generally speaking, the essence should be the third step in basic skin care. After hard placement on cleansing and lotion, it is worth noting that it is not recommended to use after lotion or cream because the essence The essence in the liquid is easily absorbed by the lotion or cream and the effectiveness is greatly reduced.


☆ Do not use too much: due to the nature of the essence, most of the ingredients are concentrated and high nutrition, so it is not easy to overdosage. One is that it is easy to over-nutrition and cause skin discomfort such as closed mouth. It is recommended that if there is a dropper, 2-3 drops can be used. If there is no dropper to control the dosage, it is recommended that the size of two or three soybeans can be used. Of course, if the skin is particularly dry or older, the dosage can be appropriately increased.


☆ Small massage after use: After applying the essence on the face, you can massage it properly, which can better promote the absorption of nutrients.


In short, I hope that every girl can choose the perfect serum, do a good job in skin care, and welcome this spring beautifully!