The Typical Skin Problems Around The Eyes
02.13.2020 | pyndelala | Skincare

Our skin is generally around 25 years old, began to appear aging problems, affected by various factors, the aging of the skin around the eyes the earliest appearance, such as wrinkles, puffiness, eye bags, dark circles and other skin problems, will gradually appear with age, in the eye skin gradually appear.


Below, we will pick some more typical skin problems around the eyes, to a simple analysis of it.

  1. Wrinkles

Wrinkles are a common skin aging phenomenon.The skin of the eye will wake up tomorrow morning, when the eyes are opened into a working state, and as the usual eyes turn and blink, the skin around the eye always repeats the stretching and relaxing movements.This makes the eye skin relatively more workload, while the surrounding skin distribution of sebum and sweat glands less, and therefore more susceptible to dryeffects, wrinkles.

Among them, fishtail is 25 years old after the skin of the natural aging phenomenon, with age, the skin's metabolism gradually decreased, the undercut collagen will also slowly reduce.This condition of the eye skin, need to use eye cream in time to alleviate the effects of aging, delay the premature appearance of eye wrinkles, and the use of eye cream can also to a certain extent to dilute wrinkles.


  1. Puffiness

The reduction of skin metabolism, the circulation of the eye circumtusion, resulting in excess water accumulation in the skin can not be properly discharged, will cause the appearance of the appearance of the skin swelling symptoms.

In addition, stay up all night, over-eye, late to sleep early, is also the cause of skin edema, edema phenomenon in the season of high temperature and humidity appear smaller.Usually propermassage of the eye skin, can alleviate the appearance of puffiness in the eye circumcesse to a certain extent, and before bed to reduce the amount of water, can reduce the chance of puffiness.


  1. Eye Bags

There are many reasons for the formation of eye bags, eye circulation is not smooth, subcutaneous fat accumulation, age, will make the skin relaxed and sagging, forming a loose eye bag, in addition, genetic sin is also an important factor in determining the formation of eye bags

At this time, we need to pay attention to the care of the skin around the eye, choose the right eye skin care products, in order to do a good job of eye skin care.Usual make-up should try to choose less oily ingredients of products, to avoid the accumulation of oil on the skin, reduce the skin may appear oil problems, in addition, massage can also promote the metabolic circulation of the eye skin, alleviate the symptoms of the eye bag.


  1. Dark Circles

The skin around the eye is thinner, the nerve fibers and the density of capillaries are relatively high, so the pigment accumulation of the part bit and poor blood circulation, will appear on the skin, resulting in a deeper skin color.

There are many causes of dark circles, among which lack of sleep is the most common cause of dark circles.Therefore, properly adjust sleep habits to ensure eight hours of adequate sleep is an effective way to solve the dark circles