What are the factors that cause skin aging around the eyes?
02.12.2020 | pyndelala | Skincare, Eye Skincare

"The eye is a relatively thin part of the human skin, only 0.3-0.5mm thick. And the eye circumestal almost free of sebum glands and sweat glands, so the skin around the eyes is relatively dry, lack of moisture.Under normal circumstances, people blink 15 times per minute, and high-intensity exercise brings a lot of wear and tear. Based on these characteristics, the eye skin should become the whole facial skin is more prone to problems and aging parts.”


Internal causes: With the operation of the physiological clock, the body's cell structure is destroyed, cell repair ability decreases, deep support ingestive tissue including collagen and elastin is destroyed and degradation is one of the important causes of eye aging.


External causes: Due to physical or chemical stimulation or injury, such as sunlight, free radicals, drugs, etc., resulting in aging of the skin around the eye.