What causes big pores?
04.30.2020 | pyndelala | How to Use, Spring Skincare, Skincare

Larged Pore Cause 1: skin easy to oil


Larged Pore Performance: The skin is often oily, blackened, and has blackheads and acne problems


Solution: The risk of pore problems in oily skin is much higher than other skin types, the main cause of this pore problem is the active skin sebum glands, secreted oil and pores in the oxidation of garbage will hold the pores large.The best way to solve this problem is to control the secretion of fat, and use some products suitable for oily pox muscle, such as conditioning makeup water containing salicylic acid and fruit acid, or serum, to help break down excess fat, improve sebum gland function, prevent the formation of keratin.


Larged Pore Cause 2: Dry skin, thick hornlayer layer


Larged Pore Performance:The skin is dry and easy to chips, and the pores look dry


Solution: not only oily skin, even the oil itself secretion of insufficient dry skin is also prone to pores, especially when seasonal dryor or moisturizing work does not do a bit, the skin on both sides of the nose will be very obvious, and sometimes there will be a derided skin.To improve this problem, the first thing to do is not exfoliation, and cultivate, it is recommended to use some oil content is relatively high essence, cream, improve the skin barrier function, from the root cause to enhance the skin's own water storage and moisturizing capacity.


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Containing various moisturizing factors such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin B5, this product can moisturize skin, replenish water into deep skin, form the hydrating barrier on epidermis. Combining natural and organic moisturizing ingredients Mang'InTense, it is capable of effectively stimulating the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, forming the colloid layer on skin to retain water.


Larged Pore Cause 3: Skin aging, collagen loss


Larged Pore Performance: Pores appear water droplets and have a sense of collapse


Solution: after 30 years of age, the skin will gradually step into the mature muscle stage, at this time the skin's internal collagen loss increased, tension and elasticity slowly decreased, skin sagging, pores will also be due to lack of support and grown, so the appearance of water droplets.The first thing to improve this form of pores is to fight against aging, it is recommended to use some products containing vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B3 or plant anti-aging ingredients, antioxidant anti-saccharides simultaneously, enhance skin elasticity, give pores a support from the inside out, so that pores from the visual look stooped to become detailed.


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Containing Pure Retinol, the product can effectively relieve the rough skin and wrinkles caused by ageing. Combining Vitamin C, it is capable of repairing the damaged skin with powerful anti-oxidation effect, and obviously fading the irregular tone. Rich in Collagen, it can restore firmness, quickly deliver essential toner into deep skin, activate the cells, removing wrinkles, soothing and repairing skin.