What type of acne do I have?
05.04.2020 | pyndelala

Acne is also known as acne, facial acne is the face of acne, which is a common skin disease, generally common in adolescents, of course, facial acne also has no age limit.There are many types of facial acne, severe pus, so facial acne needs to be treated in a timely manner.

It is important to note that skin care is only an auxiliary care for acne, as a common skin disease should go to a regular hospital for treatment.


Acne printed a variety of, generally including blackhead acne, white head acne, abscesses, cysts of these 4 kinds.


Blackhead acne

Because of the large pores, blocked grease and dead cells are oxidized after contact with outside air and become black, i.e. black-headed acne.

External whitening skin care products (daily use) and fruit acid skin care products (night use) to enhance the efficacy, on the one hand inhibit the manufacture of melanin, on the other hand to promote skin metabolism, accelerate melanin elimination.However, whitening and fruit acid maintenance products are more effective for melatonin precipitation.


Whitehead Acne

If the pores are small and less exposed to air, the acne also retains its original color, the white head, or white-headed acne.



Abscans can evolve from inflamed blackors or white-headed acne.The white pus we see is the result of a battle between white blood cells and bacteria.



The cause of the cyst is the same as the abscess, but its inflamed location is relatively deep, we see is a large protruding acne.